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You dont need a college degree to make 7-figures

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There are no shortcuts. We have good company 

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Ivan Saha

Ivan Saha has a degree in B.S Mechanical/Nuclear Engineering.

He is by trade a Reliability Engineer
IT-DevOps Engineer

Financial Proffesional.

There is more opportunity now than ever with trillions being transfered from baby boomers to millenials 

Is there a shortage of insurance agents?

The insurance industry in the United States is facing a significant challenge due to a shortage of skilled workers, with projections by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics suggesting that the industry could lose around 400,000 workers through attrition by 2026 


Advantages to this position: 

 1 - Remote Flexibility

Work from the comfort of your own home or anywhere with an internet connection. Say goodbye to long commutes and hello to a better work-life balance. 


2 - Competitive Compensation

As a 1099 contractor, you'll enjoy competitive pay rates and the opportunity to earn uncapped commissions based on your performance.


3 - Cutting-Edge Technology

We provide you with the latest tools and technologies to streamline your workflow and maximize your productivity.


4 - Training and Support

We believe in investing in our team members' success. You'll receive comprehensive training and ongoing support to help you excel in your role.


5 - Opportunity for Growth

Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out in the industry, there's ample opportunity for growth and advancement within our organization..


6 - Diverse and Inclusive Culture

We value diversity and inclusion and strive to create a supportive and inclusive work environment where everyone feels valued and respected.


7- Impactful Work

Join a team that's making a difference in the financial services industry and helping clients achieve their financial goals.


Meet People with Purpose

Imagine for a moment being part of a community where every day is an adventure, a learning experience, and an opportunity to grow not only professionally, but also personally. Where you don't need years of sales experience or special licenses to get started. All you need is desire to create more quality time with self and loved ones. It is an opportunity for those who are hungry for success and want to build something meaningful for themselves and their families.

In this short presentation we have prepared for you, we are going to explore how, regardless of your previous experience, you can join our presentation of this great business opportunity and start making a difference not only in your lives but also in the lives of others. This is an excellent opportunity to meet new people, people who, like you, are determined to change their course and reach new horizons. We provide the tools and support; You bring the passion and commitment.

  • Current Financial Landscape in America
  • ​How Can we get compensated to help people
  • How can we bring financial freedom and prosperity to those we serve
  • The endless possibilities for growth in our industry

As an entrepreneur navigating the turbulent waters of the post-COVID era, I found myself searching for more than just another business venture. I sought a beacon of hope, an opportunity that transcended mere profit margins—a chance to foster holistic well-being amidst the chaos. It wasn't just about financial recovery; it was about nurturing physical vitality, cultivating mental resilience, and nourishing spiritual growth.
In this pursuit, I stumbled upon a gem—an opportunity that seamlessly integrated all facets of health and wellness into its core ethos. It wasn't merely a business venture; it was a lifestyle choice—an affirmation of my commitment to personal and collective flourishing. Embracing this path, I've discovered a community of like-minded individuals, each driven by a shared aspiration to elevate themselves and others.
Surrounded by positivity and fueled by the collective energy of those dedicated to self-improvement, I've found a renewed sense of purpose. Every day is an opportunity to not only enhance my own well-being but also to uplift those around me. In this journey, business and lifestyle intertwine, propelling me forward on a path of growth and fulfillment.
Through this endeavor, I've come to realize that true success isn't measured solely by financial gains but by the positive impact we make on ourselves and the world around us. Today, I stand not just as an entrepreneur but as a steward of well-being—a testament to the transformative power of embracing opportunities that nourish the body, mind, and soul.

Many people want a change in their life "be" someone who takes the first step.

We are excited to introduce you to an extraordinary opportunity that can significantly transform your life. Imagine being part of a vibrant community where each day presents a new adventure, learning opportunity, and a chance to grow both professionally and personally. We're offering a chance to join our business opportunity, where no prior sales experience or special licenses are required—just a valid ID and the eligibility to work legally in the U.S. This brief presentation is designed to show you how, regardless of your background, you can start making a difference in your own life and in the lives of others. We provide the tools and support; you bring your passion and dedication. Don't miss the chance to be part of something truly significant..


My name is Kelly Brown I was born in Costa Rica on the humid tropical carribean side and moved here to Albuquerque New Mexico towards the end of 2016. I became a financial profesional in 2018 when I found this great opportunity to meet and grow with exceptional people who all want to bring peace of mind and prosperity to those we serve and those we work with.

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